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Unlock these 3 Codes to Mastering High Self-Esteem


the mini course designed to;

  • Induce life changing epiphanies

 about your purpose and mission on Earth

  • Unlock the “Flow State” of the most

successful people on the planet and

  • Discover exactly where to begin each day


Introducing the Life Master’s Guide to Becoming Fulfilled  

The world’s first done for you fulfillment system


And how simply by going through the course and using our solid, action-step pdfs you too can become ULTIMATELY FULFILLED and live your dream life NOW even if you “aren’t ready”


And harness the power of the body, mind, emotions and your fullest potential.


If you desire happiness, mastery, success… within this small course are the keys that will unlock the door to your true potential and FREE you from the bondage of practicality. There’s only one reason to be sad, depressed, or suicidal (lacking the knowledge and understanding of how to harness these states and convert them into POTENTIAL DRIVING FORCES) I will reveal how to you INSIDE.


If life feels… MEH… unexciting, uneventful, and the same as it was years ago or if you feel stuck, mediocre, average or flat out sucky… You’ve just stumbled upon the Most Influential Artist of All Time.


FROM: David Lee

Re: The Life Master’s Guide to Becoming Fulfilled


Fulfillment is the Key


Happiness. Fulfillment. Success. Mastery.

All of these words mean essentially the same thing.


It’s really the ability to OWN the moment

You’re currently experiencing.


Whether you’re in your mom’s basement, a tiny, roach infested apartment

Or the top floor of a luxurious condo.


The state of mind in the moment is your true

Sign of the level of success you have generated.

This course isn’t about money. It’s about gold.

It’s about collecting wisdom and understanding

About yourself.


True fulfillment can be activated. AND with over

10 years of tooth and nail grunt work, I have


Unlocked the codes that once activated in your life,

Will lead you to ultimate fulfillment on your journey




You can activate these codes with ease,

In far less time it took me to discover them.


Every moment of our life is a defining moment.

What time we decide to wake up, the first


Action we decide to take in the morning,

The foods we decide to put in our mouths.


The moment we grab the TV remote instead

Of our dreams…


These moments, these small, inconspicuous moments,

Define the direction of our state of fulfillment.


These moments cage our potential or set it free.

These moments starve our potential or feed it.


What is the solution?

  • It’s not junk food or more TV

  • It’s not Kim Kardashian or the Twilight Saga

  • It’s not sleeping in till noon and a new Cadillac...


It’s the Life Master’s Guide to Becoming Fulfilled


It’s the indefinable quality of those who excel beyond imagination.

It’s the 3 codes of the Life Master

It’s a structure and pattern of fulfillment inducing actions


Unlock these codes? Life will become an action-packed movie that you direct as you begin to watch as your skills grow, your happiness grow and your mind expand into its fullest potential.

This is your chance to take the plunge and TRANSFORM your life forever. To take your current circumstances and harness them to generate happiness beyond belief.


Purpose is Happiness, You Create It


I had it all planned out. I would drive my my brand new Cadillac to the bridge, park it in the middle of the road, blocking all the traffic. I wanted them all to see the pain I was in. I would climb the railing and without hesitation, I would fall gracefully into the arms of the Grim Reaper himself.


1...2...3...4...steps. Easy! That’s it. Moments before grabbing that door handle on my Cadillac I thought to myself; “If I can imagine my own death, plan out the steps, take those exact steps and succeed, then I can do ANYTHING.” I decided right then and there that I would not settle for anything less than the perfect version of my life possible, because it IS possible.


Had I grabbed that door handle, none of this would be here today.


I turned the most painful moment of my life into a force of powerful guidance. Within this course are the codes that will harness ALL of your pain, too. No longer will your pain eat at your heart, mind and soul in a perpetual state of torment. You will learn to HARNESS them and propel yourself forward into the best years of your entire life.


“If I can imagine my own death, plan out the steps,

take those exact steps and succeed; I can do ANYTHING!”


Today my vision for life is to be the Most Influential Artist of All Time. To lead the world into Worldwide Education Reboot and build the grandest school the world has ever seen. It will influence the fullest potential of over 30 generations of people.


I imagined it, planned out the steps and I am taking those exact steps now.


Today, I have over 20,000 hours of drawing invested in my Life Mastery Series; a 9 system course designed to reboot the educational behaviors within the individual, take back our educational freedom and transform our ways of educating. I have written multiple books and filmed hundreds upon hundreds of videos, started a business and got my first investor on board with my vision.


It’s the power of the 3 Codes of Conduct - unlock the codes as I have? You’ll see the profound effect every single day of your life as you become more fulfilled, happier and expansive in the world.


You will master these codes until they are as natural as breathing.


That is when a major shift will occur in your life.


Things won’t happen to you ever again, they’ll happen for you. Permanently.

You and I are going to go through a short journey together in this mini course.


You will receive:

  • 1 eBook; the Life Master’s guide to Becoming Fulfilled

  • 3 Video course series

  • And the Action Step pdf Kit


Your beliefs about achievement will change.

Your sense of power, your direction, your purpose

in life, happiness, fulfillment and the ease with which

you grow and progress… all will be supercharged and upgraded.


So, if you’re ready....


  • A program that’s not just a collection of groundbreaking information and artwork (although it certainly IS that)…

  • A program that doesn’t just prime your  subconscious to update and upgrade all behaviors and patterns of thinking, willing and executing...

  • A program that actually INSPIRES and ACTIVATES fulfillment  as long as you promise to do one thing…


… Commit yourself to going through the entire program.

























  • Activate the 3 codes of conduct to induce the full potential within you

  • Discover the power of transmutation to turn any circumstance into positive forward momentum

  • Unlock the gift of Satori and harness the “Flow State”

  • Turn your focus into a laser-beam with the Principles of Guidance

  • Imagine, envision and create your higher purpose and become ultimately fulfilled


This Program is not for you if…

  • You're not willing to invest your time and go through the entire program. I only want people who are committed to their success in this program…

  • You don't believe in investing in yourself. You've never read a self-improvement book in your life and think all that stuff is for idiots…


This program may be for you if....

  • You struggle with self-confidence, self-esteem or simply can't figure out how to unlock talent, skills, creativity and achieve your one true goal…

  • You feel like you have little direction in your life. You're drifting along, reacting to events like a ship without a rudder, no map, no compass, no land anywhere in sight and dark ocean thunderstorms…

  • You're ready to TRANSFORM into a human who attracts the best quality of life FOR ALL PEOPLE – connection, love, money, abundance, fulfillment, health – you name it you'll get it, IF you're ready…

  • You understand investing in yourself and following and implementing this program will bring you outstanding, rapid and PERMANENT results and achieving above average results requires discipline, commitment and will…

  • You want an almost "done for you" program to transform your internal 'state'… your thinking… willing… planning… executing… your connection skills… growth skills… talent and your creative power. (PLUS multiple other more advanced techniques that trigger undeniably positive responses in your reality (…and a mind-blowing, high-quality educational experience)


Again The Life Mastery Series may NOT be right for you. It's certainly not for everyone.

But, if you’re ready I have stacked the odds in your favor by providing;


  • 3 illustrations totalling over 220 hours of drawing

  • 1 eBook; The Life Master’s Guide to Becoming Fulfilled

  • 3 videos

  • The Action Step pdf. Kit

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