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The simple truth about getting INSANE results

The END TIMES of Average Lifestyles


The Life-Changing Program Designed to:

  • Destroy Fear Instantly

  • Stimulate Above Average habits

  • activate powerful happiness

  • create unbreakable state control

And Literally DOWNLOAD Your Fullest Potential

In less than 1 hour a year you'll experience life-changing alterations in behavior to:

Increase your ability to know exactly

what to do, when and for how long

While simultaneously DESTROYING the desire

to lie around being lazy and unproductive

Your ability to become self-reliant, self-motivated

and persistent in your goals will rise to unbreakable levels

As you become more active and congruent to your potential, your sadness, sorrow, anger and pain will drastically decline

Your ability to handle difficult situations,

people and problems will rise to unbelievable heights

Your frustrations will fall, your stress will

disappear and the hopeless feelings will plummet

And that's only scratching the surface of the incredible changes that are about to occur in your life

Quick Story

It's almost as if it were just yesterday...

I didn't know what to do even though I knew exactly what I wanted. 

Every time I went to draw, I exploded with pain, frustration and anxiety. "Maybe I don't have what it takes." 

Have You Ever Felt This Way? 

But on this one special day... EVERYTHING CHANGED. I wanted to SEE what to do. For some reason I closed my eyes... TO SEE! I asked myself a very important question, which I'll reveal to you shortly. 

This question allowed me to see exactly what to do and at only 6 or 7 years old... I began to take more and more action. After this, my knowing and my skills steadily climbed until things began to happen that I never even thought possible. 

I began winning contests, appearing in the paper and being recognized around town.

I want everyone on the planet to feel the way I did when this all started and I want everyone to feel the way I do now... I WANT YOU TO GET WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE.

Who Doesn't Want That? 

Who WANTS to feel damned, depressed, unable, lazy and unmotivated? That's a sad way to live and it is unacceptable. That's why I put this program together for you. 


Mathew McConaughey was once asked who his hero was, he told the girl it was him in ten years. Ten years later, the girl found him again. "So are you a hero?"


"Not even close." he said. "No, no, no." "Why?" She asked. "Because my hero is me at 35." McConaughey goes on in his speech,


"...So you see, every day, every week, every month and every year of my life, my hero's always 10 years away. I'm never gonna be my hero. I'm not gonna attain that. I know I'm not and that's fine with me because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing."

Chase An Upgraded Version of Yourself

Because the truth is...

There's Only One Way to

Get Insane Results Easily...

It's NOT:

  • Continuing to use the imagination to imagine more excuses, doubts, fears and stress

  • Constantly entertaining yourself from the moment you wake up

  • Feeding the anxieties that prevent you from taking action

  • Doing more of what is "practical" and "realistic" instead of what you truly desire

Those are the types of creativity that destroys your potential and happiness

It's Vision.

It's the easy, no BS way to getting the results you have always craved.

Every cell in your body will begin to align with a super-charged version of you.

Your subconscious will CRAVE to take action.

You will begin to spring out of bed with excitement at the thought of being the happy, fulfilled and upgraded version you imagine yourself to be.

You will KNOW exactly how to get the skills you want.


You will CRUSH your fear and take the steps to become happier and more productive than you ever have before.


With 20/20 Visionary Mastermind,

It Has Never Been Easier

STOP, I've Heard Enough to Make a Decision

We do not share or sell your information.

OR Continue Reading to Discover:

What's Inside

  1. "Youniverse" Fine Art Drawing (print) valued at over $10,000.00

  2. 20/20 Visionary Mastermind Quick Start Guide eBook

  3. 10+ Video Talk Series

  4. 3 Guided Vision Sessions

  5. Memory Refresher Worksheets

  6. Instant Life Time Access

  7. 2 Free Coaching Calls

Bonus #1 The Natural Laws of the Human Psyche eBook 

Bonus #2 Lifetime Access to Life Mastery Daily


Who this is for

If you're sick and tired of making excuses for why you aren't living the life you want, for why you struggle to get the skills, habits and lifestyle choices congruent to your true desires, this is for you.

If you desire small chunked action steps and are committed to your success in the program.

If you believe coaching and guidance is the answer you've been looking for.

If you understand above average results cannot ever be handed to you and requires action and a real desire for change, this program was made for you.

This is not for you if...

You're not ready to commit to taking action and completing the program, we only want people who are serious about their success inside our private member area.


If you think that self-help stuff is stupid and for naive and helpless people and have never read or studied self-help before. 


If you're attached to your excuses holding you back and wish to continue suffering and not getting the results you truly desire, this program will not work for you. 

If you want the results but not the work, please do not purchase this program, you will not succeed here. 

Action-takers only

We cannot guarantee the results we promise to those who do not act. However, anyone can adopt the habits of an action-taker. 


Starting now.  

20/20 Visionary Mastermind

By clicking "Buy Now" you agree and understand

that only action-takers will succeed in this program.


+ FREE Shipping


You Will Receive,

  1. "Youniverse" Fine Art Drawing (print) valued at over $10,000.00

  2. 20/20 Visionary Mastermind Quick Start Guide eBook

  3. 10+ Video Talk Series

  4. 3 Guided Vision Sessions

  5. Memory Refresher Worksheets

  6. Instant Life Time Access

  7. 2 Free Coaching Calls

Bonus #1 The Natural Laws of the Human Psyche eBook 

Bonus #2 Lifetime Access to Life Mastery Daily


Hi, I'm David Lee.

I can't wait for you to experience the unbelievable moments that await you. When you come face to face with your fullest potential, life changes forever. You're going to see yourself in such a way that will inspire you to always keep moving forward. 

Do remember a time when you failed at something? 

Who doesn't? It's painful, frustrating and worst of all it tends to stick in your memory. Wouldn't it be amazing to turn that failure and every failure from here on out into a win? That's what we do here. 

Everything in your life is powerful and explosive emotional energy that has the potential to cause either suffering or growth and there is no in-between, there's no fence to sit on here. Your imagination is translating everything for you into suffering or growth. 

Excuses, fear, doubt, anger and laziness are evidence of suffering. 

It's time NOW to try something new for once. 

It's time to experience ownership and responsibility for everything you do. It's time to turn fear into CONFIDENCE. 

It's time to turn anger from a force that causes negative activity into powerful forward momentum. 

It's time NOW to end the laziness once and for all so you can experience the true happiness, freedom and fulfillment that comes with working on your true desires and experiences it completely unfold and spill out into your life. 


And if it doesn't work just as I promise you, I'll give you every penny you spent.

At David Lion Foundation, you are our main priority.

We see your potential even if you don't and we know what is hidden inside you is so powerful that if it were to come out all at once you would completely disintegrate!

We believe in your success, you have nothing to lose. 

Try 20/20 Visionary Mastermind RISK FREE. 

You won't regret your decision. 

See you on the other side.

-David Lee

What Would the Most

Perfect Version of Me Do?

Strangely Powerful "Secrets" of the Imagination Reveal Our Full Potential

Ridiculous Money-Back Garuntee

If you're not satisfied with our service, let us know within 30 days,

if we can't correct it, your money back, no questions asked.

20/20 Visionary Mastermind

By clicking "Buy Now" I understand and agree that I must take action to get the results I am promised.


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