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A Visual Technological Sensation

A Masterpiece...

You've never seen anything like it before...

The Art of David Lee "Lion" Murray

Quick Story

Designed to inspire inner creativity, This drawing documents a perspective of achievement. After paying my 10,000 hour dues in the series, this piece was a true staple of advancement in skill. 

It denotes our creative ability to truly achieve what we desire if we are willing to pay the price and make the climb. It's as simple as taking the steps. 

From this drawing came The Staircase Principal - A theory tried, true, and proven in the series itself to be considerably effective, even in the lives of those who had been trained to used it in test analysis. 

Later, this drawing became the chapter of We Are Human. I put the knowledge herein to the ultimate test. I wanted to buy a car with a drawing and two months later, I had the title of a 99' Monte Carlo in my name. It was a huge deal for me. I could end the chapter in a powerful way and I could truly add value to the lives of others.

Now this is the cover of the book, ATTAINMENT GOD, also the icon for an educational program designed to go deeper into humanities creative nature and ability to build, evolve and progress in the direction we share to imagine.

This drawing is a grande metaphor, as the drawing itself is only the tip of an iceberg.  Not to mention viewing it...

Will Help You Attain Your Greatest Desires

Superior Imagery

"David's art changes lives." -Shane Hild

Superior Process

Underneath this one final drawing is hundreds of hours of training. David truly lives what he preaches. Before each drawing, he has to study from masters. He trains like a championship boxer and meditates the image into his heart. He maps out the entire process from the brainstorm stages, when all he has to work with are words. His studies tell him which values, textures and subjects to use. A map connects everything together. And finally the climb towards execution shapes the idea into reality.

Just Looking At His Art, Suggests Your Subconscious To CREATE and ACHIEVE.

It's the tip of the iceberg of Visual Technological  Advancement and it's not going to be available for long.

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"When I draw, time stops. I literally get lost in it." David isn't just drawing, he puts his soul under the microscope. He has the ability to tap into the quantum network, it reveals things to you. You just have to study it and be open.