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The "Silent Slayer" of American Dreams

Low Self-Esteem Wreaks Havoc on 85% of Americans 

Which One Has High Self-Esteem?

You can’t tell of course, even if you thought you could, low self-esteem is often masterfully hidden in smiles, jokes and outgoing social interaction with large groups.


While high self-esteem can be hidden in the self-assurance of a quiet and observant mind, relaxed, poised and unaffected by their surroundings. 


On the other hand, these may be completely switched around, as most people would expect. This silent slayer can be hidden, not all who suffer hide it.


There is no mistaking real high self-esteem when it is clearly embodied by the principles revealed in this short letter 


Frankly, a man or woman with high self-esteem can usually get what they want out of life. They get the skills they desire, the job or career they dreamed of as a child, they understand how to handle their emotions, participate, lead and organize with others and they often leave behind large trails of physical evidence.


Men or women of high self-esteem still feel fear but, they go for what they want anyway--facing their fear as a worthy opponent.  Their tenacity for life comes from the imagination and is carried out and communicated through the physiology and often times their physical appearance. Namely, the way they carry themselves and their body language.

Can You Have Higher Self-Esteem? 

  • Do you have a lofty self-image to live up to? Do you go for what you want out of life, regardless of the emotions of fear and anxiety you feel?


  • Do you dance from bed excited to tackle your goals and aspirations? Do you find yourself wondering and contemplating how you can be of better service to your friends and family?


  • Do you often find yourself well composed in difficult situations? Do you have a stock-pile of evidence that you document your brain and psyche? 

  • Do you understand how to pull yourself out of negative self-talk? Do you still feel good about yourself even if others are mean or reject you?


If you do none of these things, you may in fact be experiencing the effects of having detrimentally low self-esteem 


  • If you do a few of these things, you may find yourself at the whim of an average or slightly above average self-esteem level.


  • If you do all of these things, you are among the extremely small group of individuals with astoundingly high self-esteem and...


 You are most likely a powerhouse super star in the saga of your life 


The wonderful news is, self-esteem is purely generated in the imagination. Once you discover how to use the imagination correctly, you’ll effectively communicate to your entire physiology.


Your body will begin to make taking action easy for you. The fact of the matter is, you have all the components of high self-esteem already! You lack nothing.


You have what it takes to get what you want. You don’t need the looks of a model, the wealth or position of high class families, the talent, personality, better equipment, upgraded gadgets or new clothes.


All you need is a small adjustment in the imagination and everything else will slowly fall in place as if all on it’s own. You can have high self-esteem!


You can get what you want out of life, you can be confident, charming and courageous! You can be an effective leader. You can live your dreams and experience the happiness of a fulfilling life.

Here’s how:

David Lee's: 

“Higher Self-Esteem" 


David Lee, author, artist and psychologist, has discovered the wonderfully amazing principles of creating higher self-esteem.


As a young boy he was a natural, high self-esteem overflown from within him until one day he realized--not everyone was like this.


Just years later, he himself had completely drown in his own pit of depression, anxiety and extremely low self-worth. Just shy of a decade later, David Lee is now convinced his material is ready for the public.


These principles cost him over 20,000 hours and nearly a decade of silence. “I can remain silent no more.” He says. And now anyone can get the Higher Self-Esteem system and the incredible results that come with it. 


Through this simple system you can become a new courageous, bold, confident and self-assured personality. You can experience at once, the bottled up and sealed shut version of you screaming to come out.


The one you envision yourself to be; Outgoing, skillful, smart and articulate--however you see a high self-esteem person. You can release at once your imprisoned nature--Your nature to gravitate towards the things you want and enjoy without fear, your nature to laugh, play and be friendly, your nature to explode with confidence, joy and peace. You can overcome the fear, anxiety, depression and fatigue gripping you down.


All these are some of the first great results you’ll get as your self-esteem rises. The great fundamental change is in your imagination. Release the self-esteem of your true nature--and feel instantly conscious of the incredible joy within you, a fearless, go-getter, a confident, self-assurance!

What Is Higher Self-Esteem?


They were laughing and having a good time. Just a few friends doing what they do. Joking and amusing themselves gleefully. It was random. It was free. It was spontaneous. And so the girls ogled at them. They would later approach on their own accord, drawn into the fun and free energy they craved. One of the boys ended up with a girlfriend later that night. He was secure with himself. He made her laugh and never got remotely nervous around her, He showed no signs of being uncomfortable and in this, she was hooked. 


In the morning, he laughed from his bed, belting out tunes, dancing whimsically. This was the norm, although it was Monday. He looked at his goals for the day and before he could get dressed, he began immediately as the excitement completely overwhelmed him. He felt as if he were a powerful rocket bursting through the atmosphere with tremendous velocity.  He was absolutely unstoppable. With his phone still set on silent, he worked for hours without a single distraction interrupting his most important part of the day; his morning. Then he dressed himself quickly as he prepared for his morning workout. After, he spent some time collecting his thoughts, meditating on the direction of his life and relaxing completely into the present moment. Finally, he guzzled a big glass of water, ate some of his favorite fruit and dressed himself for work. A smile graced his face as he sang to work-he owned his morning, not a second was wasted. He is...fulfilled!


What is this powerful behavior that draws a man into such incredible discipline for years, even decades? What is that strange, irresistible motivation and drive, hunger and anticipation, urgency and persistence for the life one has imagined? What is this source of such great happiness and fulfillment?  What is that great spark awakening such powerful and profound of a lifestyle? What is that source making him so irresistible and attractive? You have it. Everyone has it. But only a small percentage of people actually use this incredible power to have the type of fulfilling lifestyle he or she desires so strongly. 


How You Can Unlock Your Higher Self-Esteem


You have the key to higher self-esteem within you but you are not using it! You can have fun social interactions. You can be a funny, witty, smart and spontaneous conversationalist. 


You can have the skills and abilities you need in order to do the things you want to do. You can have the success and happiness in your heart you desire.


You can live the type of lifestyle you truly want to if only you will be so good to yourself to learn how to unleash the powerful and profound secrets of Higher Self-Esteem. 


How you ask? Let America’s High Self-Esteem Expert, David Lee awaken the spark of high self-esteem within you. For nearly a decade this extraordinary artist, author and psychologist has been testing his methods, documenting his success and sharing his findings with a small and select group of people. 


Now he has finally consented to make these powerful principles available to nearly anyone--he has agreed to reveal his findings at incredibly low prices, placing it within the reach of those who need it.