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The Self-Esteem Coaching Program

That Will Revolutionize American Happiness


The World’s First, 

“Self-Esteem Blueprint”
Trans-formative Coaching Designed to 

“Conquer Low Self-Esteem”
And Allow the Ability Within You to Rise–So You Can Achieve

Higher Self-Esteem.

If you’re ready to allow the enormous amount of secret wisdom to attract and multiply your self-image, inner authority, your self-confidence and best of all, your inner self-assurance that’s been hiding from you (because you lack the awareness of the power of Higher Self-Esteem I’m about to reveal)… then I invite you to read every word on this page.

If you’re still feeling sad and drained about the lifestyle you actually want… or even if you’re living the exciting, fulfilling fruits of high self-esteem already… you’ve just tripped over America's High Self-Esteem Expert.

David Lee's goal is to help 1,000,000 people REPLACE LOW SELF-ESTEEM WITH HIGH SELF-ESTEEM, So I encourage you to read the letter below and let me show you how to “upgrade” every single facet of your life, starting right NOW.

From: David Lee AKA Lion 
Re: “The secret foundation of humanity”

Just This Moment

That’s all you have.

That’s all you have when you're gunning for 12th grade

and you're beginning your 1st day of the 1st grade.

It's all you have when it's graduation day

and you're gunning for college.

It's all you have when your first job

isn't good enough.

it's all you really have period…

to become this very moment…

to be exactly the person you want to be,

living the life you want as if it is so-NOW…

not later, when you graduate middle school

or get promoted at work.

Not when you get your Bentley 

or when you get the girl giving you googly eyes.

Not when you complete your book or get your Ph. D.


We only become more of what we already are.

So in every moment, BE the life you dream to have.

The secret foundation is that we Become

who we choose to Be in each moment.
We create our life, we are human,

therefore bound by natural law to do so. 

That moment can be mastered…

like the work of a skilled artist…

Each mark made deliberately, full of life.

Each moment exposes who we choose to be.

Each moment instantly defines our future...

It blows up every single aspect of our life

and multiplies-whether we are who we choose...

or who we settle for-the version of us we accept...

And while most people have no clue how POWERFUL 

we truly are OR how to control that power

You, my friend, are about to discover why

understanding, controlling and directing this power

is the foundation of your achievements in life

– your success with relationships, with your career

and with your happiness in life.

You’re going to discover the little-known ‘root cause’

of fulfillment, happiness and freedom…

You’re going to find out how to master  your life…

AND you’re going to learn how to UNLOCK your Higher Self-Esteem

to leverage its power – at will, on demand, 24/7.


THE Coaching Program DESIGNED TO:

SUPERCHARGE Self-Image... ACTIVATE Self-Assurance... REVOLUTIONIZE Happiness...

REDISCOVER  Confidence...


And AWAKEN Higher Self-Esteem! 


What Is Higher Self-Esteem?

It's not money 

It's not fame 

It's not popularity 

It's Indifference.

The indefinable ‘something’ that triggers satisfaction in a person.

Higher Self-Esteem is not something you can purchase with money. And it’s not something you can be given.

It’s grown and revealed through a pattern of principles and it can be re-learned, that's right. Children do this naturally.

Re-learn these principles? And progressively achieve higher self-esteem, inner confidence, a more exciting self-image

or… yes… the freedom and ability to create the life you so choose as high as your imagination can soar…

Okay, I've heard enough to make a decision.


OR Read on to uncover the 
hidden power of  

Higher Self-Esteem

AND how to LEVERAGE it…

We do not share your information with anyone

Please Leave This Page Right Now.

I don't want to be mean but, what I'm about to share is high-level material.

And it is only for people who desire to experience explosive growth and want to become the master over their own life. 

So... If that is definitely not you, please click away from this page now. 

Still there? Great. Let's begin...

Hey there, this is Lion and... You probably already knew that.

You see, this letter is only for people who desire to grow and become a better, upgraded version of themselves. It's for people who KNOW and desire more from themselves. Who WANT happiness. Who WANT confidence. Who WANT self-assurance and security. If that's NOT you...

How To:

Build Higher Self-Esteem...

Like it or not, the thoughts, perceptions and beliefs you act on...

Even if you feel like it's completely out of your control...

Reality is picking up those signals. It's tuning into what you desire...

And what you desire is determined by what you allow yourself to act on.

"Do not act on the things you do not want."

It’s a constant battle between giving in to low self-esteem behaviors and building higher self-esteem habits. And what most people don’t understand is these battles are responsible for the state and condition of your thoughts, beliefs, actions and life style choices.

Now, if you’re unaware of it, you just go about your life thinking you have little say in what happens to you. Ugly? Check. Not good enough? Check. Building your dreams? I'm just not talented enough. 



You think people are better than you. You think you're just "different".

And you don’t feel like you have ANY control over your life.

Yet, mastering the self-image...
Helps you gain control of your thoughts and actions...

And when you begin to do that? You begin to gain total mastery over every area of your life. You begin to “magnetize” the things you want towards you.

Whether it’s happiness, self-assurance, your child hood dream, freedom, amazing relationships, over flowing energy, unstoppable ambition… whatever you want… mastering your self-image not only lets you hunt down your desires more easily…

It ATTRACTS the necessary experiences

for the skills required...

And don’t be alarmed. I don’t mean that in any “woo-woo” law of attraction kind of a way.

I’m not talking about holding a vision in your head, crossing your fingers and hoping masterful skills or the perfect job or perfect life will just fall out of the sky and into your reality.

I’m talking about…

Natures Laws of the Human Psyche 
anyone can use to get what you REALLY 
want from life – Starting today…

And before you think I’m some sort of superhero when it comes to this stuff or I got lucky or I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth

I want you to know I am a LOT like you.

In fact, I’ll bet I’m EXACTLY like you. The only difference between me and you is I have spent just short of a decade and well over 20,000 hours CLAWING my way out of low self-esteem. The truth is... I didn't always struggle with low self-esteem, so I KNEW it could be corrected.

…and I began to uncover the natural laws hidden away within every single human. The evidence is all right here; Hidden in the Self-Image Technology (artwork designed specifically for subconscious influence of Self-Image.)

So what actually IS Self-Image Technology?

The Anatomy of Self-Image Technology...

This is "From Conception to Attainment"

And if I asked you why "FCA" is Self-Image Technology...

You would look at it and think...

"That's just a drawing..."

And you'd be right, EXCEPT... you're looking at the symptoms of Higher Self-Esteem. 

The outer results of a growing self-image.

Don't believe me? 

Take a look at these drawings from when I was a kid...

This was when I still thought that you were either born with talent OR you just... sucked...

Yep, I used to be a kid once. Amazing right? 

In fact, I cried myself to tears so many times as a child, because all I wanted was to be able to draw.

Now, did I just simply buy high-quality materials and trace paper to climb to this level? No. 

I was forced to uncover the the secrets I'm revealing to you now all on my own.


And now you don't have to do it by yourself.

How Did I Discover

the Laws of the Human Psyche?

Just like you, I’m a great believer in studying the work of those who achieved outstanding results. Only when I began to do just that, did I begin to gain the skills I always desired.

Art is Self-Image Technology.

In fact, Hitler knew more than anybody the power of art. That's why he banned all art that did not support the Nazi regime. He’s the most infamous person in the world… he was also an artist. He knew what the world has seemingly forgotten...

Art speaks VERY clearly to the subconscious. 

So when I geared all of my drawing toward the self-image and the secrets I was never shown...I encapsulated my journey...I recorded the souls "whisper" and breathed life into the drawings. 

They spoke to me.

They told me secrets that guys like Hitler NEVER want you to understand. I captured my journey of self-esteem in a way that can speak to the subconscious... where it becomes instantly understood on an incomprehensible level.

I began to internalize the laws of the human psyche and the principles of higher self-esteem. I began to MASTER them. After well over 20,000 hours in the last 7 years and 3,000 hours on one SINGLE drawing, a giant book and thousands of pages of notes, videos, recordings, sketches, studies, experiments and a complete 23 piece series totaling over 20,000 hours of drawing...

I finally couldn't keep silent.


Drawing Is Self-Image Technology

The great news is... You don't even have to draw if you don't want to...

Because in our monthly projects, you will learn how to position your child hood dream...

As Self-Image Technology


Fast forward 7+ years and it’s clear
internalizing Self-Image Technology led me

to high self-esteem and Indifference to outcomes

  • I stopped beating myself up in my own voice and began to build myself up.

  • My fear, self-doubts and anxieties went away as I began to believe I could truly accomplish something.

  • I overcame laziness, chronic fatigue and even depression.

  • I am able to believe and achieve HIGHER, built a business, grew the skills and became talented.

  • I became secure in my own skin and indifferent to whatever outcome I found myself in.

  • I discovered that certain emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors point us in the right direction if we can discern them.

  • I developed a self-image that makes me completely indestructible and unaffected by failure, rejection and judgment or opinions of others and overcame suicidal thoughts and ideas.


All because of the principles I'll reveal in Higher Self-Esteem. It’s not luck, it’s not good fortune…

It’s a natural consequence of leveraging “Self-Image Technology” to speak the Natural Laws of the Human Psyche into the subconscious.

A lot of these things are inner self-worth experiences and symbols. That’s all great but, as you’ll see in a moment, it starts with you externalizing who you are OUTSIDE of yourself.

And while achieving a natural, automatic state of congruence is extraordinarily satisfying internally AND externally... Why does it have such a magical effect on our lives?

Let me introduce you to…

The Laws of Procreative Authority

I've heard enough, I'm ready to make a decision

These are Natures Laws that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN operates on.

And they're something we're simply using every single moment of our lives.

No one can see them, most people don’t even know they exist… but EVERYBODY operates on them! AND we are all secretly motivated by them!

Procreative Prerogative - All of us behold the exclusive privilege or freedom to procreate whatsoever we desire.

(As determined by the story we tell ourselves)

Procreative Magnetism - All of us must become attractive to the object or subject of our desire.

(For otherwise the desire becomes lifeless and unfulfilling)

Procreative Prevalence - If you are successful in building attraction, you may become successful and multiply.

(You will get what you desire)

Procreative Coherence - If you have been successful and multiplied, you will become connected logically to others. You will become more common. 

(The SECRET GOAL of all humans)

Procreative Inevitability - You are bound by natures laws to procreate indefinitely.

(You don't have a choice)

When you have low self-esteem, these laws are STILL active.

Your low self-esteem is SABOTAGING your life.

It's STEALING your happiness. 


It's Time to Correct and Reclaim Your Self-Image

We do not share your information with anyone

or READ ON to Learn the Inner

Workings of Higher Self-Esteem

Quick Story:

The Monte Carlo...

As you’ll see in a minute, the majority of the Life Mastery Series is artwork-artwork deliberately designed to capture the essence, the process of Life Mastery.


So I got pretty far in the second draft of my book. (I wrote an entire book before even attempting to share any of this with you) And chapter 13 or so is titled, "From Conception to Attainment". As the title states, it's about taking an idea and making it reality.

Now, I was on the second draft and I knew the whole chapter would change. But I had no idea what amazing event it would turn out to be...

"See that car?" As I pointed to the Monte Carlo driving by. "Yeah." Rob said. "I'm going to buy that car with a drawing." As I told Rob my plans it dawned on me that this was the perfect example for this chapter of my book. I told myself a story. 


And I believed it.  

Now… if you know David Lee you know he meant it.

So I carried on brainstorming. How do I utilize the Laws of Procreative Authority to get that car in my driveway? It helped that the owner was my friend, so he would pop up sometimes to say hi. 

Nick came over more than usual during this time and every time he was over, he was asking about my artwork and my book. He saw all of my material, my notes, my whiteboards and all my drawings and stacks of sketch books. 


Then something really cool happened. He began to sell me his car... it wasn't super fancy and it wasn't super expensive. But that's the car I chose. "$1,500.00" He said. "I'll take it." I was shocked.


He was selling me his car!

"I'm not paying cash though. I'll trade you my latest drawing."

The look on Nicks face was hilarious. He lifted one eyebrow and tweaked his mouth, almost in disgust. "Don't decide now." I said.  "I'll write up a proposal and we can decide later."

A couple of weeks had gone by and I still didn't write a proposal. In fact, I didn't even contact Nick one time. That car was already mine, I could see it in my driveway. 

As I'm working away on my masterpiece one day, Nick pops in. We're talking and hanging out while I work and suddenly Nick says, "You know what man? I really like this drawing." As he points to my wall. 

My heart nearly jumps through my chest. 

It's not my masterpiece he's pointing at. It's not the print I offered. It's the original "From Conception to Attainment." It's the artwork for the chapter I'm doing all of this for and Nick has no idea.

I was extremely hesitant. I do not let go of my originals easily. In fact, the last original I had to turn down was for $10,000. I said it was worth $10,000,000 to me. 

Anyway, this was it. This was the price I had to pay. 

So we typed up the proposal, signed and agreed to deliver before the date of my deadline. I had set strict deadlines for the chapters of my book and the artworks. 

However, the deadline got closer and closer and closer...

I faced terms with reality and I began considering the fact that I may have to complete this chapter with failure. I accepted my failure and prepared myself to write about it, sealing the chapter with a, "I was wrong." sort of message. 

First, I began contemplating how to tell Nick the deal was off. 

When suddenly, my phone rang...

"Where are you? I'm at your house, your car is in your driveway." 

Now, why did he do that? Why the gradual change from a disgusted look to parking that

Monte Carlo in my driveway and signing over the title?

It’s the power of SELF-ACTUALIZATION TECHNOLOGY and Life Mastery – absorb it the way I have? And you’ll see its profound effect on your life every single day.

Now it IS possible to get these results without it. You can get these kinds of achievements simply by utilizing the Laws of Procreative Authority I have revealed to you.

But I want to do more than that for you…

You're Going MASTER Self-Image Technology and Higher Self-Esteem

 (and much more) So They Become


And THAT is when a major shift happens in your life.

You and I are going to go through training and exercises to ensure Higher Self-Esteem skills are ingrained into you. Permanently.

Yes, over the next few weeks, you’ll notice life is more exciting than it used to be...

You'll discover what you truly desire… find out what it takes to become attractive to your desires…and WILL them into your life.

The effects of the Higher Self-Esteem are going to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Your beliefs about your self-image will change.

Your sense of security, your confidence, your quality
of life, happiness, fulfillment and the ease with which
you grow and progress… all will be supercharged and upgraded.

So if you’re ready… and if you’ll permit me… I’d like to introduce you to my ‘magnum opus’.

  • A program that’s not just a collection of groundbreaking information and exercises (although it certainly IS that)…

  • A program that doesn’t just prime your  subconscious to update and upgrade all behaviors and patterns of thinking, believing and being...

  • A program that actually INSPIRES and ACTIVATES your Higher Self-Esteem as long as you promise to do one thing…

… Commit yourself to going through the entire Higher Self-Esteem Program

It’s as close as you’re ever going to get to Higher Self-Esteem

Allow me to introduce…

Higher Self-Esteem

David Lee's

These Are Your Keys To Fulfillment,
Confidence And Self-Assurance 
That No One Has EVER Shared With You…

Sneak Peak!

Higher Self-Esteem is the only program in the world
designed to create physical evidence of growth

  • It’s not just breakthrough information…

  • It’s not just an interactive, life-changing program…

  • It’s a full-on EXPERIENCE upgrading lives all over the world. 

Simply by learning the skill to create your own Self-Image Technology in the comfort of your own home

Here's what you'll learn..


David Lee's

Higher Self-Esteem

  • How to command total control over your physiology. A person holding the reigns of their body… brutally persistent to doing what is healthy for you is a sign of high self-esteem…

  • The Morning Mastery Script– flip this script and watch your life TRANSFORM as you  harness the power of control over every aspect of your life, beginning right when you wake up.

  • How to become the KING or QUEEN of your emotions. Seize the reigns and become a master at taking negative emotions and polarizing into positive output. Learn to harness positive emotions for creating more of what you want.

  • The downright weird physical anchoring tricks and processes that works for me every single time… Never allow your inner voice to bully you again... Learn to regain energy when you feel fatigued

  • Grow a laser-like attention-span -- become more focused, more direct and crucially, more valuable to yourself, your family and even humanity if you wish…

  • How to imagine the purest version of your highest potential fulfilled and transmute it into a memory. (Fact: Seeing is believing. When you see it, imagine it... the brain will believe it.)

  • The Warrior Principle- How to gear all of life's energy at one single target.

  • Why the right framework fuels your power​ to accomplish your one true goal and become the most powerful version of yourself.

  • The totally unexpected and counter-intuitive difference between fulfillment and lifeless chasing of dreams. (And how one condemns you, never allowing you to experience the fullness of life within you.)

  • The Commonality Principle: Why people are ALWAYS against you.(And how to stealthily provide sufficient evidence to make yourself magnetic...and have people using this principle to your advantage.)

  • Self-Image Technology: Find your routine and your momentum, track your cycles, seasons and growth. This process triggers untold Self-Esteem power and enormously attracts the skills required to realize the fullness of your inner genius.

  • Why your brain cannot deceive reality...and how Self-Image Technology completely restructures it...

  • Advanced Emotion Training - Heart, brain and gut congruence exercises used to command power of  your higher-self over the body...

  • The Real Secret: Capture ALL of your emotion and use transmutation to change the polarity and focus every ounce of it on a single goal. Simply add this to your higher-function repertoire to effect all behaviors of thinking, willing, planning and executing.

  • Growth Activation Rule #1: Control your input - Where do you get  your news and is it sabotaging your self-esteem?

  • How to become filled with total certainty and clarity on your path through life. Perhaps--for the first time in your entire life. (And how this makes you Experience Fluid, unstoppable and insanely humble.​) This is REAL Higher Self-Esteem Indifference

  • How to be the "sign-post" for every person who comes in contact with you. Exposure to you alone will allow them to begin stimulating their genius within them. ​You''l naturally be a service to your friends, family and even complete strangers.

  • Attract only those who naturally tune into your vibe. (And even those people repelled by your genius and don't even like you... will still benefit and grow and at the same time, stimulate your Warrior Mind for untold growth.)

  • The pillar that no human should be without, yet 99% of people certainly are...​

  • How to be completely free of the shackles placed on you via the thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and realities of those around you. (Humanity is essentially still very primal in our way of believing how life and way of life functions.) P.S. If this was false, we would live in absolute perfect harmony NOW.



The Higher Self-Esteem Program is as complete as it gets...​

When you master your 'Natural Laws' it catapults you to a higher level. Jaws drop as people stare and wonder what your secret is! You will become an upgraded version of yourself year after year because the truth is... There is NO CEILING to Higher Self-Esteem.

You'll FEEL BETTER, take better care of yourself, ACT POWERFUL, in control and like a supreme leader of your life. You'll serve people better, walk, talk, think and believe higher. You'll be calm, courageous and admirable as you begin to adopt a high self-esteem.

Through David Lee’s: “Higher Self-Esteem” system and coaching, you can become a driven and ambitious go-getter, you can become filled with long term confidence and self-assurance, you can become self-reliant, mentally and emotionally strong, your body will become healthier and your overall fulfillment in life will rise with each passing day, week, month and year.


In a decade from now, you will be completely blown away at who you have slowly sculpted into. You can unfold the powerful, long-lasting effects of high self-esteem. You will have high self-esteem emotionally, mentally, physically.

You will have high self-esteem at parties where you don’t know anyone at all, at networking events, weddings, gala’s, family gatherings and much more. Your high self-esteem will withstand judgment, pressure and even the dominance behavior of others. Your high self-esteem will carry into your passions, hobbies, business or career, relationships and friendships. 


You can control your emotions, you can control your brain and body, your habits, your thinking, your imagination and your skills and talents! You can influence reality and create the life and the lifestyle you see fit for yourself --


Self-esteem is the master key that locks or unlocks the actions you do and do not take

 When you have high self-esteem, you take the actions that serve your needs, desires and ambitions instead of sabotage, undermine and deter them.

I Already Have High Self-Esteem

High self-esteem rises and falls like the temperature, but has no ceiling.


One day you might look in the mirror and feel really good and the next day you look in the mirror and ask, "What happened!?"

How about after you fail at something that was important to you and you spend the next few days or week sleeping as much as you can? Or someone you love says some really mean things to you and it tears you up inside. 

It's important to have tools and exercises in place so that when moments like this occur you're back on top. It's ONLY when you have these tools in place that the unlimited power of rising self-esteem can take place. 

With the tools revealed in Higher Self-Esteem, your self esteem can still climb higher, even under the pressure of difficult situations, moods, feelings and thoughts that may otherwise sabotage, limit and deter your progress. 


It Won't Work For Me

I know exactly what it's like to have extremely low self-esteem.


I know what it's like to hate your body, your face, specifically, I used to hate my height. It made me feel self-conscious. 

I struggled for years to gain control over my own thoughts tearing me apart. I used to constantly say I didn't care what people thought of me, even though I took everything to heart. I used to ache inside with anxiety and crave the confidence and personality to truly be with people and make real friends.

I used to feel so uncomfortable in my own skin that it would start to tingle and itch in social situations. It became so painful at one point that I completely stopped communicating even with my friends.

I overcame my lowest point of contemplating suicide. Even though I somehow descended to this low point, I wasn't always like this, but I knew I would have to fight for my life to get out. As a result I spent over 7 years created a system that did exactly that.

This system will also work for you, because although our struggles are much different, the path to freedom is very much the same. 

I Won't Be Able to Finish the Program

Higher Self-Esteem was created knowing how difficult it can be to do all on your own. 

This coaching program was created to help people gain the skills to no longer need our help. In order to do that, we do weekly live training's and phone calls. Monthly projects help you home in on the skills you need and daily reminders help prime your brain for success.

We help you discover small tricks and adjustments to make accessing your class easier than ever.

This coaching program is done with you.

Total Immersion into Your Higher Self-Esteem

You'll go into this program as one person and come out as another entirely.

You'll burst with fullness, have complete control over your creations, attain emotional mastery, discover the laws governing skill acquisition, retention and expansion… you'll even KNOW better than you do now, how to course correct yourself.  And you'll master the arts of imagination, vision, alignment and fulfillment.

However, you and I need to make sure the Life Mastery Series is a good fit for you.

The Life Mastery Series may NOT be for you if...

  • You're not willing to responsibility and take action. I only want people who are committed to their success in this program…

  • You don't believe in investing in yourself. You've never read a self-improvement book in your life and think all that stuff is for idiots…

The Life Mastery Series

MAY be for you if...

  • You struggle with self-confidence, self-esteem or simply can't figure out how to unlock true fulfillment, happiness or self-assurance.

  • You feel like you have little direction in your life. You're drifting along, reacting to events like a ship without a rudder, no map, no compass, no land anywhere in sight and dark ocean thunderstorms…

  • You're ready to TRANSFORM into a human who LOVES their life once and for all– connection, love, money, abundance, fulfillment, health – you name it you'll get it, IF you're ready…

  • You understand investing in yourself and following and implementing this program will bring you outstanding, rapid and PERMANENT results and achieving above average results requires discipline, commitment and will…

  • You want an almost "done for you" program to transform your internal 'state'… your self-image… self-worth… self-care… self-esteem… your emotion skills… thinking skills… talent and your happiness power. (PLUS multiple other more advanced techniques that trigger undeniably positive responses in your reality (…and a mind-blowing, high-quality educational experience)

Again Higher Self-Esteem may NOT be right for you. It's certainly not for everyone.

But you're only seeing this page because something spoke to you.

You're ready for a giant leap to achieve total transformation. You're ready to "upgrade" yourself into a Higher Self-Esteem. And when you do that? There's no looking back.

I've stacked the odds in your favor by providing...

  • 4.5+ hours of  video…

  • Dozens of simple exercises to 'ingrain' Life Mastery into you…

  • Fast start videos so you can see massive changes as soon as tonight if you want…

  • Over 12,000+ hours invested in Master quality artwork and their English translation, You'll receive up to 3 masterpieces with every system!

  • Audio, video, written, drawn – every modality is covered to practically guarantee you internalize Life Mastery traits! 

  • Plus, I'm including bonus gifts and goodies with each system. As well as a FREE system that is so secret, it hasn't even been mentioned until now. 

Of Course...

You could figure all of this out on your own...

But it would take years of dedication and real-world experience to come up with a system, a formula like the one on the other side of this page.

And I should know. I've done all the hard work so YOU don't have to.

However, just giving you this information would not work. Sure you'd have many "aha" moments but that won't lead to any lasting change. Why?

Because you haven't internalized the information. It's not yet knowledge or wisdom.

You haven't absorbed it until it changes your behavior permanently.

That's why I've designed Higher Self-Esteem with Self-Image Technology to physically action-pack your lessons, so you're not gathering more information... You're LIVING it in your real life.

Just participate in training's, do the exercises, get on your coaching calls and FEEL the change in yourself.

Then watch in AWE as your outer world matches up to your internal one. (It already does anyway.)


I want you to know… wherever we began our journey...Youtube, Facebook, Steam-it, Instagram, etc. 

… and especially if you have meet me through ALL of them…

… you were being led to one final destination.

And now you've arrived.

Higher Self-Esteem is the secret foundation for achieving happiness in life.

And because of that it's priced accordingly.

Higher Self-Esteem is a $1 0,000 program.

For the incredible transformation you're about to go through... That would be a bargain, in-fact.

Yet, because you've come so far with me into your journey towards Higher Self-Esteem…

… I'll make you a better offer.

Only 1 Payment

starting at $297 $147

Higher Self-Esteem

David Lee's

Higher Self-Esteem

Buy Now!

We do not share your information with anyone.



Money Back Guarantee

Try Higher Self-Esteem for 27 days

and THEN decide...

Take this first system for a spin, see for yourself. If you don't FEEL it's everything I promised it would be...If you don't LOVE it...I couldn't accept payment and I would like to give you your money back.

Let me tell you how I can offer you this unfair guarantee...

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granting creative authority over your own reality, your connections to people, your career, money...your level of mastery in all areas of life.

FRANKLY, this is the system I had always wished to have access to. I wish I was exposed to it as an infant. That wasn't my fault, but I made it my responsibility.

I longed for something to make gaining skills, lasting, expansive growth, mastery over my emotions, ambitions and my one true goal - a NATURAL part of life. I had to struggle through this stuff to discover these secrets.

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Move through the system exactly as designed. And if you don't see positive results within 27 days? I'll give you every penny back, just send the kit back to me too.

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Get ready. Your life will never be the same again. All I ask is you drop me an email and let me know about the cool, new stuff you've got going on.

You'll be blown away by the unique content in your system. I guarantee, NOBODY ELSE in the world is talking about this in the unique, powerful and interactive way that I do.

Your brain may implode as every revelation hits your synapses. But better than that…

As you go through the system, you'll notice changes.

At first they'll seem small, but gradually, your thoughts, the way you make decisions, your actions will ALL be upgraded and supercharged.

And then you'll FEEL different, better, more free, more in control yes… but also more confident, more in creative and youthful within yourself and everything around you.

And THAT is when the ultra-cool stuff happens.

The reality around  you slowly transforms as you become "new". You'll perceive things differently, think, comprehend, plan and execute things better, and maybe for the first time you'll see yourself gradually getting the experience that you truly desire out of this life.

Your life will be renewed with a charged sense of purpose and fulfillment.

And your imagination and skills to align it with reality will emerge. New, exciting connections appear out of nowhere. Coincidences and chance experiences and opportunities lead to wild epiphanies and lessons to keep you in a state of growth and fulfillment. 

This is your inner child taking control. Enjoy it.

Don't put this off until "later" or "someday"

Perhaps you're thinking, "David this is all good but, I just wanna relax".

And I get that. A total transformation can seem a little overwhelming.

But you need to understand…

Higher Self-Esteem is the FOUNDATION of fulfillment -- Highly Peaceful State. Of comfort, freedom, joy and happiness. Of outrageous success in your life. Of achieving your one true goal.​

It all starts by building that strong foundation. So ask yourself…

Can you REALLY afford to put this off any longer?

Your life is slipping by… grab hold of this opportunity with both hands and watch what happens. You'll NEVER look back.

This is David Lee and I look forward to guiding you on your journey with Life Mastery. Strap yourself in… it's going to be a wild ride.

Life Mastery Series

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I'm sick of waiting for life to magically get better…

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Higher Self-Esteem
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P.S. High Self-Esteem people respect themselves, love themselves and invest in their growth.

So as you go through Higher Self-Esteem, take a moment to realize what an awesome move it was on YOUR part to take serious action.

I want to congratulate you on taking action, on pushing your personal boundaries and recognizing just how important and powerful attaining Higher self-Esteem truly is to your life.

This is Lion and I'll be in touch…

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