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I Spent 3,000 Hours on One Drawing

...Here's What Happened...

But before I get to that, I want to congratulate you.
You're about to be inside of one of the most valuable newsletters on the planet.

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It's a fact that what you read changes your brain and your behavior.
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You Become An Upgraded Version of Yourself

Awesome, right?


It's True... I Spent Over 3,000 Hours on One Drawing... took me over 3 years to complete.

Here's What Happened...

It was 2016 and I had experienced quite possibly the worst break up of my life.
In fact... I had overcame some suicidal visions that...

Had I acted on, I would no longer be here.

I figured that if I could create a plan for my death, follow it fully and execute THAT.
I Could Accomplish Anything I Wanted.

So I made my real life vision, I decided that was far better than ending my life.
I could make it so good, I would laugh one day about this.

Anyway... I packed my stuff, quit my job and moved to Denver where I initiated the thumbnail.
(I was writing a book and decided with all the art in it, it needed a nice cover)

The thumbnails and studies were all the drawing I did in 2016.

I spent the majority of my time studying my online marketing machine.
(I even tried to rid myself of sleep)

But that's what happens when you love what you do.

When I moved back to Idaho I began my full size studies.
I made two MASSIVE drawings.

And 3 insane things happened.

  1. I became conscious of how we turn anger into positive out put

  2. I became hyper aware of how energy becomes things

  3. My depression, fear and anxiety completely transformed into happiness

I spent at least one year alone on these studies and breaking my book apart.
I put it on my walls, on the whiteboard...

Anywhere But Leaving It In My Head

I had vivid dreams every single night.
You could say I wrote my book in my sleep and it would be accurate.

I was writing my book from the drawings.

(I have a 23 piece collection I spent over 20,000 hours creating)

Drawing is the psyche in physical form, it allows the unconscious to communicate to the conscious.

I tap danced from my bed in the morning and I wouldn't waste one second getting to work.
And I Didn't Stop Until 6am The Next Day

This went on nearly everyday for 6 months.

The next year and a half I lived in Boise, where I would finally publish my book
and complete my final drawing.

I remember putting the final marks down and thinking...
"I can't anymore. I have to call it complete."

I Literally Couldn't Do It Anymore

To this day... it's still incomplete because...

I Myself Am Incomplete.

...A Work In Progress, Something that...

Will Never Truly Be Complete Until Death

A true work of art... Just Like You.

Like My Masterpiece...
You still have work to be done.

You must be created with zeal, love, urgency and most of all....

We Don't Settle In Here, We THRIVE
and We Surprise, Shock and AWE everyone around us.

Just Like that Drawing Does Today.
I want you to learn what I did. And I can't sit here in silence and not share how incredible this transformation has been, I'd be scum if I did. Because this powerful transformation saved my life. 

That's why I created the free program you're about to enjoy... But, it's NOT perfect.

Far from...

Just Like The First Drawing I Ever Did

Everyday I work insanely hard to bring you higher quality content and programs. 

Imagine having the ability to turn fear into excitement...

Anxiety into action...

Anger into positive outcomes... 

Suicidal depression into a masterpiece of a life... 

Imagine that.

Everyday is another mark on the page of making

that easier and more achievable for you, please don't wait.

Get your free gift today and in due time...

we can walk this journey together.


You don't have to do this alone, because you're not alone.


You're in the Lion's Pride. 


Get Your FREE 

Mini- Course Today!

3 Secret Codes to Become and Stay Happy For the Rest of Time